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Trip Details:

Depart Nashville: Jan 31, 2015

Arrive Kilimanjaro/Arusha: Feb. 1 (Mount Meru Resort)

Depart Serengeti: Feb. 3

Feb. 3-5 (Seronera Sametu Camp)

Feb. 6-8 (Lake Masek Tented Lodge)

Feb. 9-10 (Ngorongoro Lion’s Paw Tented Camp)

Feb. 11 (Lake Manyara)

Depart Kilimanjaro: Feb. 11

Arrive Nashville: Feb. 12, 2015


6 thoughts on “Follow our Adventure…

  1. Well Debbie has hit on the some of the trip, 4:35am, yes. I got up looking out the window and a heard this voice ask, are we really in Africa? We started to laugh and we both just watch the sunrise. It was so cool. We had the A/C on and the windows open all night. It’s going to be 97 degrees today. We’ll off to breakfast and then exploring. Chat later.

  2. Hope you both have a great time. Make sure you both come back healthy and whole with no missing pieces. Love you both.

    • Linda – You have no idea how much I love you for allowing Rich to go with me. This is a life long dream of mine and I really didn’t want to go alone. I talked all big about it but truth be known I would have been scared to death. I promise neither one of us will be reckless. And even though Joyce told me to make sure I could run faster than Rich, I would stand right beside him! I am so blessed we are family!

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