Peeps story

So here’s my story, that family reunion we went to and Debbie stated her thoughts on an African Safara, I said I’ll go with you, not knowing what I was going to have to do to go. That was the only topic for 11 hours back to Fla.
Linda and I talked for hours, how much, when will we go, can we swing it money wise. Once Debbie told me how much, I almost had a stroke. Talked to Linda and said, theres no way we can afford that. Then Debbie came back with a bigger number. I called her and told her no. Sorry can’t do it. Well I talked with Linda and said, look its not fair for me to spend that kind a money for a vacation just for me. So, I went and got a part time job. Saved up most of the money and now I’m going on one hell of a venture.
Debbie, I’m so glad that I’m going with you and thank you for putting it together. It will be worth the whole trip when I get that picture with a Cheetah on top of our vehicle. Its just over 2 months away, and yes I’ve been packed for a while now. Two years in the making, 2+ months to go. there will be lots of pictures to show when we return. See you soon Debbie…..And a special thank you to my wife Linda, for understanding and putting up with me for the past 25+ years, and for helping me make this trip come together. Thank you again…



4 thoughts on “Peeps story

  1. One word of advice for you two is DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS (TEE HEE). You both need to return will all body parts intact. Just kidding. Looking forward to the pictures. Enjoy and a GOOD TIME!

    • Well brother I hope you are winning the money in the league. Today we start our adventure, can’t Wait.
      it’s 5am and I have had a shower already.. be sure to watch for a site to view so pictures. We’ll ready for the day, will chat later.
      Tell LuCy hello, give her a hug for me.

  2. Hello Peep and Pickles,
    I’ll be watching this fabulous adventure with envy. You two be safe and have an adventure of a lifetime. Love you both, Tom

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