Peeps story

So here’s my story, that family reunion we went to and Debbie stated her thoughts on an African Safara, I said I’ll go with you, not knowing what I was going to have to do to go. That was the only topic for 11 hours back to Fla.
Linda and I talked for hours, how much, when will we go, can we swing it money wise. Once Debbie told me how much, I almost had a stroke. Talked to Linda and said, theres no way we can afford that. Then Debbie came back with a bigger number. I called her and told her no. Sorry can’t do it. Well I talked with Linda and said, look its not fair for me to spend that kind a money for a vacation just for me. So, I went and got a part time job. Saved up most of the money and now I’m going on one hell of a venture.
Debbie, I’m so glad that I’m going with you and thank you for putting it together. It will be worth the whole trip when I get that picture with a Cheetah on top of our vehicle. Its just over 2 months away, and yes I’ve been packed for a while now. Two years in the making, 2+ months to go. there will be lots of pictures to show when we return. See you soon Debbie…..And a special thank you to my wife Linda, for understanding and putting up with me for the past 25+ years, and for helping me make this trip come together. Thank you again…