We Made It!

Finally checked in at our hotel in Arusha and are trying to figure all of our electronics out. It’s 12:23 am on Monday here, 3:23 Sunday at home. Lord we are so confused with the time zone change.

Flight in to Kilimanjaro was dark and ride to the hotel even darker. But hotel is really nice. Glad we added a day here to rest before the Safari begins. My tailbone hurts already from the 18 hours of flying today, but couldnt have gone any smoother. So thankful we upgraded to the Economy Class for the extra space. And let me just tell you, KLM and Delta both really take care of the International travelor. All we did was eat, and it was GOOD! KLM was amazing even though we couldn’t understand most of what they were saying.

I think we watched a total of 5 movies – slept off and on. Rich played golf and bowling games while I stuck with Sudoku. And I’ll be honest and admit he kicked my butt at Chess.

Here are a few pictures from day 1!
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