Bringing Aiden along…

You never know what goes on in the mind of a child. Aiden took quite awhile adjusting to Paw-Paw being in heaven. Here one day – gone the next. He would ask when he was coming back. He even said once “can I go there”? Was heart wrenching. Carrie made the reference at Christmas about Zach being in heaven because he had all the toys to himself because Abbie and Isiah were sick and Aiden said “Zach’s in heaven?” Too confusing for a little guy to understand.

Anyway, since I’m going to be gone for awhile, I sure don’t him to wonder if I’m coming back so I decided to bring him along…

I made a “Follow Mimi Magnet Board” with maps and my itinerary so he can keep up with us everyday until I come home! He has a plane, a jeep and lots of animals that he can move around from place to place, just like me and Peep. He even has a hat and t-shirt, just like mine. Hope he enjoys it as much as I did making it!




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