Memories of a lifetime!

Today I have not gotten out of my pj’s and all I have done it sit at the computer, finishing up the blog and looking at photos. Looking at each picture brings back the memories of that day, that actual moment. It’s going to take a little while to readjust. Other than Rich, who do I say Jambo to or Avante? Back to hello and thank you for me I guess.

As I reflect back to the beginning I have to thank Rich for sharing this experience with me. Though I now realize I could have gone alone if I had too, I’m so glad I didn’t. You are a great travel partner – 12,000 air miles and 1200 driven miles – and I’m so glad we can laugh and share these memories together with the rest of our friends and family.

For anyone thinking about planning to take a similar trip, I would be doing you a injustice if I did not recommend African Dream Safari as your tour company and Ally as your guide. From the very first contact with Dawn it has been an amazing process and a great company to work with. I can’t imagine having experienced this with anyone else.

I have fallen in love with Africa all over again. Now, not just the animals, but the culture, the people…everything! I WILL go back one day. As of now, when Aiden graduates from high school sounds like a good goal to set.

I will end with this quote:

“But when, fifty years from now, a lion walks into the red dawn and roars resoundingly, it will mean something to people and quicken their hearts whether they are Africans or Europeans, or whether they speak English, German, Russian or Swahili. They will stand in quiet awe as, for the first time in their lives, they watch twenty thousand zebras wander across the endless plains.” Bernhard Grzimek, 1959

I stand in quiet awe…



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